Мercator vs Гall-Пeters

A Comparison Between Gall-Peters (green) and Mercator (red) Projections. Source: map-projections.net

The article is available in Bulgarian HERE.


The advanced technology of video games is considered to promote motivation, excitement and participation of users, and this kind of interactive engagement is proved to improve learners’ understanding and outcomes. As Minecraft is a world-famous game widely known as an educational platform, the aim of this paper is to investigate what is unique about it and how it can be utilized by geospatial education. Thus, it is made a general overview of the game, its specific features and versions, and the place it takes in the world of video games. This research is followed by a solution developed for the environment of Minecraft, and the main steps, benefits and challenges are presented. It is extended with an questionnaire on audience approval of game-based learning, gamification and Minecraft in particular.

The complete report is available HERE.

Slavova Soserov Kamburov VR GEOLAB

The paper starts with some basic definitions related to virtual reality (VR) and continues with an overview on the market size and diversification of VR applications. This is extended with a research on the role of computer simulations and gamification in modern education, how these improve teaching results, what are the strengths and the problems. In addition, it is studied how this technology is currently implemented in engineering and geospatial sciences and workflows in particular and how this could be developed in future.
A newly established VR geospatial laboratory (VR geolab) is presented. It is tracked the whole process from field measurements through data processing to visualization in virtual environment.  As the VR geolab has already been presented on several events, it is made also an overview on different audiences’ adoption of VR technologies and the shared VR experience in particular.

The complete report in co-autorship with Deyan Sosserov and Asparuh Kamburov is available HERE.

Първо място във фотоконкурса на "Клуб Z"

Thank you 'Club Z' for being prized in your photo contest for the most beautifully presented ugly urban graffiti!

БНТ2 – "Натисни F1" – "Безплатни приложения за природолюбители"

Have you ever been outside wondering what species those interesting animal, bird, insect ot plant that you see is? And do you want to learn more about the habitats in Bulgaria? In this series of "Press F1" you'll see several free apps which you can use outside.

You can see the record as well as my comment on the topic HERE (in Bulgarian).

БНТ2 – Натисни F1 – Google Maps

The article is available in Bulgarian only HERE.

БНТ2 – Натисни F1 – Приложения за планинари

The article is available in Bulgarian only HERE.

В пещерата

The whole interview is available in Bulgarian only HERE.

Tanya Slavova

За формата и размера на Земята

The article is available in Bulgarian only HERE.

 Atanas Rusev, Tanya Slavova

CREG Journal

Geophysical methods of cave detection have, to date, reaped few positive results in finding new caves. As Atanas Rusev and Tanya Slavova report, however, this isn't inevitable. Here they describe cave detection, using ground-penetrating radar, magnetometry, gravimetry and infrared imaging, and illustrate the techniques with case studies showing the discovery of new caves and entrances.

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